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Installation under Vista Home Premium
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OS: Windows Vista Home Premium
Problem: Install error
Status: Partitionally solved

I tried installing the StatPlus trial version on a Windows Vista Home Premium OS. I turned of all anti-virus software including all software running in
the background. I even tried installing in Windows XP compatability mode. It appears like it is going to install but when it gets to the actual "copying
files" window, it does not do anything. I left it run for 30 minutes with no success.

We are working on this problem. Here is solution found by one of our users:

What was not allowing the software to install is the "Windows Module Installer" which appears as "trustedinstaller.exe" in the task manager. Microsoft states this module "Enables installation, modification, and removal of Windows updates and optional components. If this service is disabled, install or uninstall of Windows updates might fail for this computer." After searching for help on installation problems, I discovered from other users that this module in Vista can be problematic and you can not uninstall is without suffering major problems with user access control. One user suggested changing the settings from automatic start-up to manual because by doing this, it would still start up when windows update needed it. What I discovered is, it automatically started whenever a installation was initiated. So what I did, was disabled it from the administrators services module. Rebooted my system. Checked in the services tab in task manager to make sure it was not running. Installed Statplus without any problems. Then restarted the service and set it to manual. I checked it to see if it would still start up with automatic updates and it did. What was happening with StatPlus prior to this work around, was that it would appear as it was starting to install, then just hung at the "copying files" window. I let it run until the "installer not responding" window popped up. My OS is the Windows Vista home premium edition. Also, someone had suggested that the DEP/no execute module that prevents malicious code from running and starts in the MBR might cause problems, so I also disabled this for the statplus software, but it still didn't install until I stopped the Windows Module Installer. The software appears to be working appropriately. One other thing I'd like to mention, I also have the SAS learning edition 4.1 which was a major challenge getting it installed by disabling all software that was running in the background and only having the bare minimum windows services running. The support services at SAS told me the product did not support Windows Vista, but I was able to get it to install and run properly.
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Installation under Vista Home Premium
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