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StatFi - Accurate statistics for Microsoft Excel
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Unleash the full power of precise statistical analysis in Microsoft Excel.
Perform complex data analysis in the familiar environment. No need to learn the new tricks with StatFi!

Bare Microsoft Excel is of very limited use for performing complex statistical analysis. Unless your analysis setup as basic as simple summaries or simple tests, and unless the precision requirements are rough, using Excel to perform the analytical tasks is a bad idea. The lack of repeatability and reproducibility of results makes Excel less than a perfect tool for statistical data analysis.

Why? Because Microsoft Excel is, in the essence, not a statistics package. The free Analysis ToolPak add-in supplied with Microsoft Excel is of very limited capability, and is no easier to use than the full-scale dedicated statistical and analytical packages.

Heavy-duty stand-alone statistical packages are widely available on the market. But are you prepared to learn the new workflow? Switching applications means learning how to use the new tool, possibly spending hours to learn about the features you might never need. Considering the cost of most stand-alone analytical packages, they are ruled out of the equation by many users.

Fortunately, your choice is not limited to either Excel or industrial software. StatFi expands the statistical and analytical abilities of Microsoft Excel, adding precise calculations and reproducible results with ISO-compliant implementation of the main routines. StatFi enables you to perform analytical and statistical calculations such as normality tests, Pagurova Criterion, correlation coefficients, ANOVA and GLM ANOVA, regression analysis, parametric and non-parametric analysis. The routines such as contingency tables analysis, rank correlations, Probit and Latin squares, Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA and Cochran Q test are also supported.

Unlike Microsoft Excel, all mathematical routines implemented in StatFi are ISO-compliant. Following the ISO2602:1980, ISO 2854:1976, and ISO 3207:1975 recommendations, StatFi reliably produces the repeatable, verifiable results.

StatFi turns Microsoft Excel into a complete data analysis suite enabling you to perform the most complex statistical analysis and data management tasks. Using the same familiar user interface of Microsoft Excel, StatFi is an ideal upgrade path for the demanding users.

StatFi can be used in science and education, providing deep academic discounts to promote formal data analysis to the students and teachers. Financial, pharmaceutics and government organizations will greatly benefit from the reduced learning curve and attractive pricing while enjoying the benefits of ISO-compliant routines and calculations.

Download StatFi 2007 Trial
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StatFi - Accurate statistics for Microsoft Excel
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